The importance of Hide My Ass! Pro VPN is increasing in today’s times of rampant hacking in the world of computers...

Why Use HMA Pro VPN

Anyone who is concerned with Internet connections and security will want to add as much protection as possible.

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The World of HMA Pro VPN

Despite the Internet bringing a number of positive benefits to the world, the Internet also brings a few negatives.

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Keep Your Connection Safe

A VPN is a virtual private network. It is only available to the individual user and is not available to others utilizing the server system.

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One of the major concerns with using the Internet is privacy. For every security measure put in place, there are dozens of savvy computer hackers working to blast a hole through those measures and expose the Internet user to danger such as identity theft and the prying eyes of Internet interlopers. There are safeguards, such as HMA Pro VPN, that provide Internet security. The technicians at HMA are always working to provide the very best in security and are on the forefront on improving that security.

HMA Pro VPN provides a cloak for the Internet connection. The program assigns a randomly designated IP address for the connection and hides the real IP address. This action allows the web surfer to be online and away from prying eyes and unscrupulous hackers who troll the web looking to steal information and data. Security is an important issue when working with sensitive or personal data.

HMA works by providing a virtual private network that adds a layer of security not present with a traditional connection. A firewall is added and provides a secure screen to keep others out. The HMA program connects to servers located worldwide and provides more than 18,500 individual IP addresses. This gives customers the ability to connect to a variety of servers in any part of the world.

Another feature that has become a fan favorite is the ability for the customer to switch IP addresses, as well as locations during an Internet session.  This can be accomplished through a random, manual change or a preset change. This works to discourage cyber stalkers and anyone trying to follow an individual and steal data.

The HMA Pro VPN is a downloadable program that also has a download manager that makes set up very easy. The program is extremely user friendly and the user does not need to have any special computer skills and knowledge other than basic computer operation. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to have the program up and running and providing anonymity for any Internet connection. There is technical support available for customers who might run into a snafu or just have a question. Support is available through online chat 12 hours each day or email.

There is a member’s forum available to customers who may want to exchange ideas and help with other HMA users. This gives customers the opportunity to learn from others experience and share their own success stories. The support staff often monitors the forums and will jump in with help when necessary.

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